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Genius movie pirate sneaks Clueless into 360-degree YouTube video

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The future is now

Never underestimate the tenacity of an Alicia Silverstone fan. In devising increasingly more elaborate and outrageous ways to bypass YouTube's Content ID copyright detection system, a user by the name of Thuy Pham has hidden 1995 classic Clueless within a 360-degree video. The video is labeled appropriately as "Clueless 1995 Movie 720p," and starts out with the frame of the film perfectly in line with the rectangular YouTube viewer. But click your mouse cursor or drag your finger around the smartphone screen and the secret will reveal itself.

Never mind, of course, that the screen appears to be nestled inside a creepy dance studio with either three very life-like mannequins or just the frozen stills of human inhabitants practicing a new routine. The word "Bambino" is also plastered on the ground in large white letters. The name of the studio, or the online moniker of our faithful pirate? Who knows. What's clear is that it's 2016 and we're watching the seminal Jane Austen-based coming-of-age film embedded within another video on the internet. The gods of content could never have foreseen this level of ingenuity.

The gods of content could never have foreseen this level of ingenuity

It's entirely unclear how long this video stay online. Content ID checks a video's audio against an official database, and this rendition of Clueless is only slightly sped up. It's also not scoring any points in the discretion department given the title of the video. Nonetheless, break out your Google Cardboard. Because tonight we're watching Clueless in virtual reality, for as long as it lasts.