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Upcoming documentary Kart Kids Der Film tracks Germany's future racers

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Chris Kippenberger has a way with a video camera around cars, motorcycles, and other fast-moving objects, producing one of the best-looking mini-docs on the Isle of Man TT that I've ever seen. He also made a short film called Kart Kids that followed the lives of German kids trying to make a name for themselves in the very real, very serious world of karting — the proving ground where tomorrow's racing stars in F1 and other top-tier series often get their start. Now, he's back with a bigger film on the topic.

Kart Kids Der Film picks up where the first Kart Kids left off, revisiting the same children for a "dive into the world of pro/am German youth karting." It's as much about the families as it is about the young racers themselves. "The plot is winning and losing [...] but also investigates the socioeconomic background of the parents," Kippenberger tells me.

The full film hits in early August, but you can pre-order it on Vimeo now for $10.