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United Airlines creates luxury brand for people who can afford beds on airplanes

United Airlines has announced a new luxury "experience" called Polaris that will cradle businesspeople from "departure-to-landing" on intercontinental flights. The key part of the announcement is the creation of a business-class cabin that has inline "suite-like pods" for exclusive napping. To ensure those walking past business customers to coach class recognize the "exceptional level of relaxation and comfort" they'll be missing out on, United has commissioned custom bedding that's emblazoned with the words "Saks Fifth Avenue," among other "sleep-enticing amenities." United is hailing the nap pods as a first for a US airline, though the company is about a decade behind some of its international competitors.

United Polaris will offer a bunch of other perks with dubious hyphenation, including new Polaris airport lounges that offer "spa-like showers" and "chef-inspired hot meals." There's no information on pricing yet, but it's a safe bet tickets for something United is calling "the airline's most significant product transformation in more than a decade" will carry a fee commensurate with its excess.

Of course, United's luxury experience isn't happening in a vacuum; Given the plans we've seen for hellish nightmare seating in coach and America's declining passenger rail system, it's totally possible the first Snowpiercer will be an airplane.