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The great version of Final Fantasy XII never released in the US heads to PS4 next year

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Unwilling to wait for the USA's biggest video game conference next week, publisher Square Enix announced today a remake of Final Fantasy XII. Dubbed Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, the remaster International Edition of the PlayStation 2 roleplaying game will feature improved controls and graphics.

International Editions of Final Fantasy games have been in the past exclusive to Japan. They include features from versions of released in other territories, along with additional modes and revisions. Final Fantasy XII's International Edition features a reimagined battle system, dubbed the Zodiac Job System; a Trial Mode featuring 100 stages of increasingly difficult battles; and a New Game Plus, which allows players who complete the game to restart from the beginning with special items and abilities.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is scheduled for release next year on the PlayStation 4, and will be preceded this September by the latest entry in the franchise, Final Fantasy XV. We expect to hear more Final Fantasy news at E3 next week.