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T-Mobile customers are getting a free hour of Gogo Wi-Fi on every flight

T-Mobile customers are getting a free hour of Gogo Wi-Fi on every flight


Use iMessage or WhatsApp for free during the entire flight

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As part of today's Uncarrier 11 news, T-Mobile announced that it's expanding an existing partnership with Gogo to give all of the company's customers a free hour of Wi-Fi in the air. The new promotion starts on June 13th and is good for any domestic flight that offers Gogo. Any handset on the T-Mobile network with a valid phone number is eligible for the free 60 minutes of in-flight Wi-Fi. It's a nice chunk of time, and might sway some people to consider T-Mobile when they see the big "T-Mobile free hour of in-flight Wi-Fi and texting" banner on the Gogo login screen.

Also new is free iMessage, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, and Viber messaging throughout the entire duration of the flight. That also goes into effect on June 13th, though other popular services like Facebook Messenger are excluded and will require you to use that free hour of proper Wi-Fi. If you've got a phone that supports Wi-Fi Calling, T-Mobile will let you send SMS, MMS, and access your visual voicemail for entire flights, as well.

Free in-flight texting was part of the Uncarrier 7 announcement in 2014. Other Uncarrier 11 moves launched today include rewarding postpaid subscribers with shares in T-Mobile US and weekly giveaways for all customers.