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NYC mayor asks for Kanye’s phone number after failed surprise show

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You've probably already heard the tale: Last night, Kanye West tried to perform a surprise show in New York City to make up for his canceled Gov Ball set. The show never actually took place, but before it was shut down, Kanye apparently tried to get New York City's mayor on the phone for last-minute approval. Well kids, the story doesn't end there. As The Fader points out, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio is trying to return Kanye's call — by asking for his phone number on Twitter.

In a tweet posted earlier today, de Blasio tells Kanye and Kim Kardashian he'll throw a block party for them if the proceeds can go toward New York City kids in need. The screenshot attached to de Blasio's tweet mimics Kim's snap of Kanye last night, right down to the airhorn and white lettering. Does this mean that Bill de Blasio follows Kim Kardashian on Snapchat? I sure hope so!

This little tweet volley between pop star and politician is further proof that you can basically just say stuff into the social media void and your message will receive its intended recipient — at least if you're Kanye West.