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DJ Khaled and Ray Liotta team up for a confusing, possibly surrealist Apple Music ad


One of the "major keys" (I'm sorry) to Apple Music's marketing strategy thus far has been celebrity endorsement. Most recently, we've gotten a series of very strange glimpses into the life of Taylor Swift — formerly Apple Music's greatest nemesis and now its unflappable friend.

The service's next spokesman appears to be DJ Khaled, who tweeted out the first of his ads over the weekend. It is obnoxious, and ends with him kissing Naomi Campbell, but is otherwise a fairly standard "listen to music in the car" commercial. The second Khaled clip is less obnoxious, mainly because I think it might be a piece of surrealist artwork.

In it, DJ Khaled attempts to explain Apple Music to actor Ray Liotta, while they are attended to by half a dozen nail technicians. It is reminiscent of the makeover scene in The Wizard of Oz. I have no idea where in modern America one could go to receive such service, so don't ask! Liotta and Khaled are wearing matching velour tracksuits, which, actually, are back in style in modern America.

oh good, a dad joke inside of a meme

Khaled has achieved notoriety in the last year for his incredible Snapchat and his nonsensical self-help advice. His catchphrase "congratulations, you played yourself," is undoubtedly one of the biggest memes of the year. Within the framework of this Khaled meme — which Liotta seems unaware of in the ad — Liotta is also doing a Goodfellas bit (which was actually performed by Joe Pesci in the movie, so I don't even know). The song featured in the ad is by the Doobie Brothers. According to an uncited entry on the band's Wikipedia page, the Doobie Brothers "remain popular among audiences, including young fans in their teens and twenties." Hmm, okay!


Some questions a young person might have watching this ad: Who is that? What is the joke?

Some questions an older person might have watching this ad: Who is that? What is the joke?

The only person who I imagine will definitely understand and appreciate this dad-joke-inside-a-meme thought experiment is Jeb Bush, a top student of Khaled's and certainly a person who has seen Field of Dreams. I imagine this ad will play on the 3AM hour of Adult Swim in about eight years. In 50 years it will be considered classic early-century surrealism.