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Michael Bay gave the 'world's loneliest dog' a role in Transformers 5 so she would get adopted

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Last week, Michael Bay announced the newest cast member in his upcoming Transformers installment: a dog named Freya. But Freya isn't just any dog; she is, according to The Mirror, the "world's loneliest dog," because she has spent her entire life in a shelter. Bay hopes that by giving Freya a little blockbuster action movie spotlight, he'll help her find a real home. And if not, he says he'll adopt her, io9 reports.

Freya is a six-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier mutt who suffers from epilepsy. Bay tweeted that he got the idea to put her in Transformers: The Last Knight after reading about her in the news. It's not clear yet what role she'll play in the movie, or if she'll have to travel from the UK to film it.

Sure, maybe this is a dramatic way to find a home for a shelter dog, but it's hard to see a downside to it. Relatedly, it might be worth noting that The Mirror seems to have a habit of referring to dogs as the "world's loneliest," but I guess that's an issue for another day.

The Last Knight is scheduled for release on June 23rd, 2017.