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Podcast platform Stitcher bought for $4.5 million

Podcast platform Stitcher bought for $4.5 million

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Stitcher, one of the largest podcasting platforms outside of iTunes, has been purchased by E.W. Scripps for $4.5 million. The sale comes a year and a half after Stitcher was acquired by the streaming service Deezer. With over 8 million registered users and 65,000 podcasts, Stitcher has grown into one of the largest podcasting services, thanks in part to integrations into the dashboards of over 50 different car models.

The company will operate as part of Midroll Media, a podcast advertising network acquired by E.W. Scripps last year which has over 200 podcasting partners including StarTalk with Neil Degrasse Tyson, the Bill Simmons Podcast Network, WTF with Marc Maron, and Nerdist. The combination will make Scripps one of the biggest players in the podcasting industry, which is growing in popularity by the day thanks to cultural hits like Serial.

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