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How a computer the size of a credit card is changing education — and homemade GameBoys

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For longer than I would like to admit, I thought Raspberry Pi was a dessert. I'm not proud of that. Fortunately, I eventually learned what Raspberry Pi actually is, and though it's not nearly as tasty, it's just as exciting: an affordable, customizable computer the size of a credit card.

Raspberry Pi has changed how thousands of people tinker with and learn about computers. People have used the hardware to create Game Boy emulators and synthesizers, tiny cameras and jukeboxes. The photo, above, is a Raspberry Pi Zero, used to turn a Burger King toy into a portable game console.

To learn more about Raspberry Pi and how the hardware is changing computer education, I invited my pal and colleague, The Verge video director Miriam Nielsen, to the show.

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