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McLaren somehow made 25 supercars with way more carbon fiber

McLaren somehow made 25 supercars with way more carbon fiber

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When you think of a McLaren, you probably think of a maxed-out, barely street-legal hypercar that is practically dripping with carbon weave. And if you're talking about something like a 675LT, P1, or P1 GTR, that impression wouldn't be wrong.

Yet somehow — somehow — McLaren made a limited-edition car based on the incredible 675LT that has more carbon fiber. Way more. Like 40 percent more, McLaren says.


The MSO Carbon Series LT, which takes its name from McLaren Special Operations and the "Longtail" moniker assigned to some of the companies highest-performance and most sought-after models, is limited to just 25 units globally. I could describe all the parts that are done up in visible gloss carbon fiber, but the press release does a fine job:

As with the 675LT Spider, the front bumper with larger splitter and end plates, front under body, side skirts, side intakes, lower side intakes, rear bodyside lower, rear fenders, rear deck, rear bumper, diffuser and ‘Longtail' Airbrake are all carbon fibre but with a gloss finish revealing the inherent weave of the material. In addition, the MSO Carbon Series LT is fitted with a gloss finished carbon fibre electrically retractable roof and tonneau, A-pillars, bonnet and rear deck, side blades, complete front and rear wings, and even fuel filler flap. The McLaren Track Telemetry pack, which includes three track cameras, is fitted as standard equipment. The front wings also feature GT3-inspired functional louvres.

It's good for 666 horsepower, which is the same figure as the "base" 675LT. The MSO Carbon Series LT is 0.2 seconds slower in the 0-62 run than a 675LT coupe, but did I mention that this also happens to be a Spider? We'll take the performance tradeoff in exchange for dropping an all-carbon top.

Don't even think about trying to buy one, though, because they've all been sold.

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