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Keurig discontinues Kold, its expensive soda machine nobody wanted

The pod-based beverage company Keurig has just announced that it's discontinuing the first and only generation of Keurig Kold, AP reports. The Kold, which allowed users to make soda at home using Coke-branded pods, has been available to consumers for less than a year. According to AP, 130 workers suffered layoffs as a result Keurig's decision to stop making the Kold.

130 workers laid off

One of Kold's biggest hurdles was its price. The machine retailed somewhere between $299 and $369, depending on the retailer. Then the pods themselves, which offered a variety of Coca-Cola drinks, were priced between $3.99 and $4.99 for a pack of four. Each pod produced an 8 ounce glass of soda — less than a standard can.

When The Verge's Jamieson Cox tested the machine at CES this year, he said the flavor of the Keurig-produced Coke was pretty good, but that apparently wasn't enough to make up for the fact that no one really wanted it. Keurig says it will offer full refunds to Kold customers, LA Times reports.