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You deserve happiness, so watch Chance the Rapper perform Show Me Love in a teddy bear sweater

I feel better

If you're having a rough Wednesday, I suggest watching Chance the Rapper's performance with Skrillex and Hundred Waters on last night's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. "Show Me Love" is an elegant and simple song about being kind to people and it is only made better by Chance the Rapper bounding around in a teddy bear sweatshirt and rapping about love and goodness.

watch it, please. for you.

It's made perfect by the fact that Skrillex is there, doing basically nothing (is his guitar even plugged in?) and bopping around like a dumb little bobblehead. But he's happy, and Chance and Nicole Miglis both seem truly overjoyed about his presence. It's very kind of them. There is a group hug.

Please — you deserve happiness. Please watch it... outside. Watch it outside, under a tree, while people-watching and feeling an overwhelming warmth toward humanity. Thank you!