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Deus Ex-inspired prosthetic arms are coming next year

Deus Ex-inspired prosthetic arms are coming next year


"We wanted something to touch upon high fashion"

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The Deus Ex series is all about exploring human augmentation, and now the minds behind the game have teamed up with a number of partners to create prosthetic limbs inspired by the game. Open Bionics, who have previously collaborated with Disney for Marvel and Star Wars-inspired prosthetics, will produce an arm based on the game's protagonist Adam Jensen (albeit without the added blades and guns and other weaponry).

Details are scant, but the teaser trailer showed concepts for both Jensen's arm and a more abstract "Deus Ex Universe" arm. "We wanted something to touch upon high fashion... something that looks very slick and you could be very proud to wear it," said André Vu, Deus Ex's Executive Brand Director. The team has made a "semi-functional prototype" and will next focus on perfecting functionality (e.g. grasping objects). The design files will be made open source for those who want to 3D-print the arm at home.

Additionally, the companies have partnered with Intel's RealSense and Razer's Stargazer divisions to create one-to-one mapping between a real and prosthetic hands. Yes, that sounds like an incredibly wild demo — and you can see it for yourself in the video above.