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Game of Thrones' season finale will be 69 minutes, the show's longest episode ever

Game of Thrones' season finale will be 69 minutes, the show's longest episode ever



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Game of Thrones' sixth season is ending later this month, and Entertainment Weekly has confirmed its final episode is going to stretch out over 69 minutes. (Rumors regarding the meaty length of this season's final two episodes have been swirling for weeks, but HBO hasn't confirmed their runtimes until now.) That'll make it the longest episode in the show's history, a title it's nabbing from season four's 66-minute finale "The Children."

(Trying to stay unspoiled? Then TURN BACK — spoilers for Game of Thrones' sixth season lie beyond the Bolded Wall.)

HBO also revealed the titles of the season's last two episodes, one of which refers to a specific event that's been sitting on the horizon for most of the season. That's "The Battle of the Bastards," the season's penultimate episode. While it's not quite as long as the finale, it's still going to crack the 60-minute mark, and its title suggests Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton will have the Winterfell showdown everyone's been waiting for. It'll air on June 19th.

The season finale is called "The Winds of Winter," and book fans are probably quite familiar with that title: it's the name of the as-yet-unreleased sixth novel in George R.R. Martin's series. (He's released a few chapters in the years since 2011's A Dance with Dragons, but it still doesn't have a release date.) The episode is airing on June 26th. And while we don't know much about the episodes beyond their titles and runtimes — official descriptions haven't been released — we won't have to wait much longer to find out.

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