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Airbnb will let you and your friends vote on a place to stay

Airbnb will let you and your friends vote on a place to stay


Using its wish list feature

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Airbnb announced a handful of updates to its rental service this morning, including a collaborative wish list feature for planning trips with your friends. Wish lists arrived back in 2012 as a way to keep track of places you'd like to stay in the future. Airbnb says more than 20 million people have used the feature since then, and now it's opening it up to multiple users. By tapping the heart button on a listing, you can now add more users either by inviting them through Airbnb or through email. Wish lists will also now include a voting system so guests in a group can decide on the ideal location.

To complement the collaborative wish lists, Airbnb is adding multi-party reviews so hosts can leave reviews for entire groups instead of leaving a review only for the user who placed the reservation. The San Francisco company, which held one of its OpenAir gatherings in the city today, also announced a new feature for letting employees book accommodations on the platform for coworkers. Airbnb is calling it "business travel booking," and it's designed for companies that have travel managers who book hotels on behalf of others. These aren't groundbreaking changes, but they do make Airbnb easier to use in a variety of different situations, including for work and large outings with friends.