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Apple slip-up once again suggests it's rebranding OS X as macOS

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Apple has once again indicated that it would be soon renaming its Mac operating system OS X as MacOS. Apple blogs spotted that the company referred to "macOS" — with a conspicuously lowercase M — on a page that detailed revenue-sharing policies for developers, updated this week. The apparently inadvertent reference echoes another made earlier this year on an official Apple site, when the company mentioned MacOS on a new environment-focused page it put up in honor of Earth Day.

In both cases, the references to MacOS were quickly deleted and replaced with "OS X," but the rumor that Apple will give its MacOS a name more in keeping with its other operating systems persists. A file found inside OS X's latest update even mentions "macOS" (again with lowercase letters), adding to a pile of mounting evidence that could mean we'll see a rebrand this year — perhaps at the company's upcoming WWDC conference.