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Destiny’s Gjallarhorn returns in leaked Rise of Iron expansion trailer

Destiny’s Gjallarhorn returns in leaked Rise of Iron expansion trailer


Lord Saladin powers into battle on September 20th

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Destiny's next big expansion, Rise of Iron, looks set to debut on September 20th. Microsoft's Xbox page leaked out some early details yesterday, and a trailer has appeared on Snapchat this morning to give us an even better look at Rise of Iron. As expected, the story focuses on the Fallen this time around, and Lord Saladin (who sounds more Optimus Prime than Iron Banner) appears to lead guardians into battle against a Fallen army.

Bungie is planning to fully detail the Rise of Iron during a live stream event later today, but this trailer has spilled the beans a little too early. Rise of Iron will feature a new story campaign with updated quests, armor, weapons, crucible maps, and new bosses. Most importantly, there will be a new raid and strike, and the maximum light level is set to increase.

Gjallarhorn GIF

Destiny players familiar with the first year of the game will be excited to hear that the overpowered Gjallarhorn rocket launcher is returning with the Rise of Iron. Back in black, you won't need to visit Xûr in the tower to obtain the updated Iron Gjallarhorn. Instead, it's being given away to players who decide to preorder the expansion. The trailer notes that Rise of Iron will be available on September 20th, but we'll have to wait for Bungie to provide full details on pricing and whether this latest installment will be available on the PS3 and Xbox 360.