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Twitter will slide into your DMs when London's Tube stops working

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Robbie Khan

Twitter has teamed up Transport for London (the organization that looks after the city's tubes and buses) to create a new alert system for disruptions on the London Underground. TfL has long provided travel alerts via Twitter accounts for different tube lines, but now, users that follow these accounts will get DMs when there are disruptions. Currently the service is only available for a few lines (Central, District, London Overground, and TfL Rail), but TfL says that if the pilot goes well it could extend the service to its other feeds.

"Up to the minute information around severe disruption is a daily must-have for everyone, and the live nature of Twitter is the perfect companion for this," said Twitter UK's managing director Dara Nasr in a press statement. "We're committed to continuing to make Twitter the simplest everyday utility to access key public information, be that transport or beyond." That's all well and good, but on the other hand the company just enabled more unpleasant messages to flood your private inbox. Still, a heads-up for delays on your commute is better than an unsolicited dick pic.