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Uber just made its express delivery service open to all developers

UberRush's API is officially out of private beta


UberRush, the ride-hail company's express delivery service, is now publicly available to any business that wants to integrate the service's API (application program interface) in their digital products. Last January, Uber announced it would offer Rush's API to certain businesses in a private beta, but now the service's API is publicly available to anyone who wants to include a delivery option in their app.

Some of the businesses that started using UberRush during the beta period include the department store Nordstrom, 1800flowers, and Google Express. Uber says that integrating Rush's API "acts as a simple solution for companies looking to build or streamline last-mile logistics."

UberRush started as a bike courier service in Manhattan. It launched officially last October in just three cities — New York, Chicago, and San Francisco — where it competes with services like Postmates, delivering items like groceries, take-out food, and house supplies. Couriers for UberRush can also moonlight for UberX, but they must receive special training to work for the delivery service.

It's an extension of Uber's broader plan to encourage app developers to deep link to the car-hailing app's core service — and a less-than-subtle way to place one of its branded products within a variety of third-party apps.

Some businesses have already started using UberRush to get its products into the hands of their customers. Last month, Momofuku owner David Chang said his new, delivery-only restaurant, Ando, would be using UberRush exclusively to delivery his signature cheesesteaks and chicken tenders to hungry Manhattanites.