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How to turn any cat into Totoro

How to turn any cat into Totoro

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Rippy0916 on Twitter
Rippy0916 on Twitter
Rippy0916 on Twitter

Our pals at Kotaku noted a recent trend amongst a small band of Japanese Twitter users: they make cats look like Totoro, the adorable furbeast from the animated film My Neighbor Totoro. Now, I will say there's only one glaring problem with this movement: it hasn't gone global.

To help the spread of Totocating, a neologism I just conceived, I've assembled a step-by-step guide to transform any cat into Totoro.

Step 1: Print this cut-out that I made

Step 2: Compliment me on my excellent cut-out work

My Twitter handle is @plante, and that's the best place to reach me.

Step 3: Find a cat

Do you live on planet Earth? If so, there's probably a cat either in your home or very nearby.

Step 4: Inform the cat of your plans to transform it into Totoro, and make sure the cat wants to participate

If the cat doesn't want to be Totoro, that is okay. Plenty of other cats are in the world. Find one that wants a new Totoro look.

Step 5: Cut out the cut-out

IMPORTANT: Do this away from the cat. Do not accidentally cut the cat that volunteered to become a Totoro.

Step 6: Lay the Totoro pieces upon the back of the cat

IMPORTANT: Do not glue the pieces to the cat. Cats are not to be glued on.

Step 7: Quickly take a photo, and post it to your social media platform of choice

CC me on Twitter. Remember, I'm @plante, and I am a big fan of cute animals.

Step 8: Share other Totocats

If we all work together, we can make this a thing.

For inspiration, here are some of the original Totocats.