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Nest's first post-Fadell product will be an outdoor version of the Nest Cam

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And new colors for the Nest thermostat

Nest Cam (stock)

Nest will soon release an outdoor Nest Cam and new colors of its thermostat, Tech Insider reports. The outdoor camera will reportedly use a power cord instead of batteries and will be designed to "withstand the elements." It'll come in white. The thermostat colors aren't known yet, although Tech Insider reports they'll be "tasteful" with an "accent along the trim." The Verge has independently confirmed that these will be Nest's next products.

Nest's future has been in question following the departure of CEO and co-founder Tony Fadell. Yesterday, The Verge published a note new Nest CEO Marwan Fawaz sent employees, in which he confirmed that the company was "categorically not for sale" and was sticking to a "great roadmap" of new products. While these new products might not be mind-blowing innovation-wise, they're at least something? Tech Insider reports more interesting products are in the cards for 2017.