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Tesla is fixing the big problem with its Model X windshield

Tesla is fixing the big problem with its Model X windshield

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Tesla is distributing free removable windshield sunshades to Model X owners to reduce the amount of sunlight and heat coming through its unusually large windshield. That windshield, while providing a gorgeous view of the outside world, lets in a ton of sunlight. Sometimes that's a good thing, but if your daily commute takes you into the sun, it can be a bit overwhelming.

The windshield extends a good foot-and-a-half beyond where a normal windshield would stop, running almost behind the head of those in the front seats. It affords an incredible view, albeit one disrupted by the black strip that connects the mirror assembly electronics to the car. But, if it's sunny, it provides little in the way of protection. In fact, it can get seriously bright up there, even with the shaded gradient that Tesla outfitted the top half of the windshield with.

But Tesla has a solution: it's distributing removable sunshades to all Model X owners. The sunshade covers the entire windshield area above the rear-view mirror, blocking 66 percent of light and heat from coming in and hitting the driver. It does negate much of the appeal of the huge windshield, but at least it's removable.

Tesla has blamed "hubris" for its production problems with the Model X, going so far as to replace a pair of senior production managers in an attempt to fix its issues ahead of the Model 3 rollout next year. The Model X has seen some serious criticism from the press, including Consumer Reports (which had glowing things to say about Tesla's Model S), and the company will need to get its house in order in a hurry if it's to build hundreds of thousands of mass-market Model 3s. (Fortunately, the Model 3 isn't expected to have quite as large of a windshield.)

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