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You can now watch every Key & Peele sketch on Comedy Central's website

You can now watch every Key & Peele sketch on Comedy Central's website


'If they made it, it's here.'

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Comedy Central is capitalizing on the enduring online appeal of Key & Peele by making all of the duo's sketches available on its website, including nearly 200 clips that haven't made their way online before. It's "the authoritatively and unequivocally complete archive" of the sketch comedy Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele produced for the network between 2012 and 2015.

The new section also offers up a selection of GIFs, memes, and an illustrated glossary of catchphrases. (When I look there now, I'm informed that "straight tooken" is "a classic film in which Liam Neesons uses his certain set of skills to jack up some Russians who took his daughter. See: Liam Neesons.") You can find your way there using custom URLs based on some of the duo's best-known characters. There are even specialized "collections" of sketches built around particular themes — music, sports, weed — for K&P neophytes.

Key & Peele was plenty enjoyable as a traditional broadcast TV sketch show, but its sketches took flight on the internet, where fans could devour them in bite-sized pieces and show their friends. YouTube became a virtual home for the series, but it lacked the organization and comprehensiveness needed when you've been pulled in by "Substitute Teacher" and have to see everything Key and Peele have ever done. The Comedy Central archive solves that problem, and it should prove a useful resource if you need a quick and guaranteed laugh in the near future.