Drooling Over the BMW M2


I've seen a couple of articles here on The Verge about the BMW M2 but noticed the comment section is always closed so I thought I would start a thread.

I know there are a lot of BMW haters out there but I really like them. I drove a Z3 for ten years and my wife currently drives a X6. I've been reading a lot about the M2 and all the hoopla being made is making me want to buy one badly. I'm not even "car guy".

My daily commute is pretty far (my 2010 car has 150,000 miles on it) so whatever I drive I destroy. Therefore, I tend to buy myself cheaper cars and let my wife have the nicer cars. If I got one it would by my weekend car. I can afford it easily, for the most part, but it would be a complete unnecessary impractical splurge (and not very characteristic of me.) But still I really am tempted to do it. Maybe hang on to it until the warranty is out and then sell it. I would think they would hold their value really well and I would not put many miles on it. (See, I'm rationalizing.)

I talked to a salesman three weeks ago or so and they were still taking orders at that time. You only had to put a few thousand down (refundable.) The orders were being filled in the order taken unless you were willing to pay more than sticker, in which case you jumped to the front of the line. They had six orders and I believe half were over sticker.

Anyway, I just wanted get other impressions/opinions of the M2. The lack of a thread here makes me think I'm the only one drooling.