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I don't remember how this happened, but earlier in the week I ended up on the Wikipedia page for a Lost episode called "The New Man in Charge." This kind of blew me away because 1. I'm a big fan of Lost, and 2. I had never heard of nor seen this episode before. And it was apparently the final episode of the entire series!

Well, sort of. "The New Man in Charge" is a 12-minute epilogue that seems to have been included as a DVD feature, made up of what appears to be unused footage from season 6. And, um, wow. As excited as I was for a new episode of Lost six years after the show ended, this was not was I was hoping for. "The New Man in Charge" is pure function, just 12 minutes of bluntly explaining Lost's mysteries for those who haven't been paying attention and questioned the series at its every turn. I'm surprised the show's creators went so far as to film this, given how deliberately the rest of the series unfolds — that said, I understand why, after years of being doubted, they might have wanted to just lay it all out to appease the haters.

I am not one of those haters. In fact, like all people at The Verge, I am a staunch defender of the Lost finale (jk most of them hate it). Feel free to @ me on Twitter because I will take you on about this (jk I have work to do). Instead, watch some of this week's trailers! There were a ton, but I tried to cut out (most of) the bad stuff. There are 13 in total below.


You might be wondering how a brief incident gets turned into a ~two-hour movie. This first trailer for Sully quickly answers that — and shows how legitimately compelling it can be. What looks like a paint-by-numbers heroic story at the start very quickly turns into a tense look at the aftermath of Sully Sullenberger's landing on the Hudson River. It's due out September 9th.

Stranger Things

It seems like Netflix has something pretty magical on its hands. Stranger Things is a new Netflix series about a boy who goes missing and a mysterious girl who turns up in his place. It has some seriously Spielbergy vibes — so if you're missing that classically Amblin feeling of awe and wonder, this should be for you. The season debuts July 15th.


Morgan has received quite a few comparisons to Ex Machina, in that it looks like a small, thoughtful sci-fi film set out in a forest. But this new trailer shows that Morgan is trying for something far scarier — and it seems like it's working. The film is produced by Ridley Scott and directed by his son Luke. It'll be out on September 2nd.

The Get Down

Netflix's first real teaser for The Get Down is short but colorful and energetic, which is basically what you'd expect from Baz Luhrmann. Anyway, this teaser doesn't give away much more than the series' vibe, but the vibe alone should be enough to draw your interest. It starts on Netflix August 12th — but, in an unusual move, Netflix is only putting up the first half of its first season.

Star Trek Beyond

Okay, this is maybe just ~brand synergy~ and a weird excuse to promote Star Trek and Rihanna's new single at the same time. But whatever, I guess, because we all wanted to listen to the new Rihanna single anyway. Also there are a bunch of action shots from the new Star Trek film in here, in case you're into that. Star Trek Beyond comes out July 22nd.

Bridget Jones's Baby

Bridget Jones is back in what's shaping up to be another fun romantic comedy and terrible time for Mr. Darcy. While the series' last installment wasn't quite as well received, the original film's director is back for Bridget Jones's Baby, which could help restore the messy charm everyone loved these characters for. The film comes out September 16th.

My King

Foreign films heading to the US will sometimes put out trailers completely devoid of language, presumably in some strange attempt to fool viewers into believing they are merely artsy but not (*gasp*) subtitled, requiring you to (*double gasp*) read for once in your life. Anyway, My King is sort of like that aside from a quick line of dialog at the end. But where other silent trailers come off feeling forced and fake, this one really works. It comes from actress/writer/director Maïwenn and is about a woman looking back at a "turbulent relationship." From this trailer, at least, it seems like a beautiful look at heartbreak. It opens in New York on August 12th.

The New Edition Story

BET has put together a miniseries documenting New Edition's rise from a group of young kids to one of the big boy bands of the 1980s. The three-part series looks huge, swinging from fun musical sequences to the dark and dramatic. There doesn't appear to be a release date just yet.


This year at Sundance, Netflix liked Tallulah so much that it bought the film before it even premiered. This trailer gives a pretty clear indication of what Netflix saw in it. It's a drama that stars Ellen Page as a homeless woman who abducts a neglected child and all of the commotion that would necessarily follow. It seems like a very strange and, given its subject, maybe weirdly sweet family drama. It'll be out July 29th.

Bleed For This

Everyone loves a good sports comeback film (right?), and this one looks, well, like a good sports comeback film. Bleed For This is about boxer Vinny Paz's recovery after a car crash that very nearly paralyzed him. You're probably thinking, "I dunno, can Miles Teller really play a convincing boxer?" Apparently, yes! It opens November 4th and goes wide on the 23rd.

Lights Out

There's something kind of genius about the premise of Lights Out, which is literally just that scary stuff happens in the dark so you have to keep the lights turned on. Easy setup / lots of room for spookiness! It's out July 22nd.

Voyage of Time

Remember the crazy dinosaur sequences from Tree of Life? (You all saw Tree of Life, right?) Well Voyage of Time is literally just 40 minutes of that. It's a documentary from Terrence Malick that displays sweeping views of Earth and the universe and looks every bit as gorgeous as you'd expect. This trailer is for the Brad Pitt-narrated IMAX version. There's also a feature-length version coming with narration from Cate Blanchett. This version opens October 7th.


So... yeah. I feel like I've seen a lot of things, staring at an endless series of shapes and images while be bombarded with pop so sugary even Coke would turn it down, and yet YouTube tells me I've only been watching this for two minutes. Good luck to parents. Good luck to Justin Timberlake. Good luck to everyone. Trolls toys the movie is coming for you in November, conveniently close to Christmas.

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