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Kanye West's 'Famous' video is now on YouTube

Kanye West's 'Famous' video is now on YouTube

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Kanye West's music video for "Famous," which The Verge's T.C. Sottek called "damn genius clickbait," was — until now — damn genius clickbait that was exclusive to Tidal. Now, it's available to watch on YouTube.

It's still, however, the same NSFW video, so you'll have to click a disclaimer to watch and make sure no prying eyes are hoping to catch a glimpse of your screen — even though, given the public reaction to this video, I'm pretty sure they'd know what you were watching. Tidal's exclusivity deals with big-name artists has been one of its major draws (as well as one of its major frustrations) — a detail made even more relevant by the fact that Apple now might be interested in buying it.

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