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Armed robbers used Pokémon Go to target victims in Missouri

Armed robbers used Pokémon Go to target victims in Missouri


A real-life Team Rocket

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As popular as Pokémon Go has become, sending players out into the real world to find pokémon, it is creating new, unexpected problems. The O'Fallon, Missouri Police Department reported on Facebook today that armed robbers have used the app to lure victims in and rob them at gunpoint.

The police received reports about the robberies and were able to apprehend four suspects in the area. Apparently, the thieves used the app to set up a beacon at a Pokéstop within the game. Using this method, Sergeant Bill Stringer of the OPD told Motherboard that the culprits were able to rob 11 players, all between the ages of 16 and 18, in the St. Louis and St. Charles counties of Missouri.

Players going out into the world to find pocket monsters are already running into all sorts of bizarre mishaps. In addition to the app causing unexpected soreness because kids are suddenly exercising, one Wyoming teen discovered a dead body floating in her hometown river while out playing the game. It should go without saying, but stay safe out there.

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