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Mr. Robot season premiere 'leaked' on social media by show's creators

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The new season of Mr. Robot isn't due to air on TV for another three days, but if you were quick, you might have been able to catch the first episode of the acclaimed show's second series tonight. The full season premiere appeared online a few hours ago, shortly after a masked figure interrupted a live Facebook Q&A with its creators. "You deserve something new, something unexpected, something you've never seen before," the figure said, before playing the episode for people watching live.

The full episode arrived on Twitter soon after, with the show's official page tweeting a schedule of when it would hit other social networks and online services. Snapchat followed Twitter, before the premiere also hit YouTube and the USA network's own site. They didn't last long, though: the tweets, snaps, and YouTube videos were deleted soon after they were uploaded, giving fans a small window to actually watch the premiere. Mr. Robot's Twitter account promised that this was "just the beginning," however, suggesting that there are more stunts coming in keeping with the show's cybersecurity theme.