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Pokémon Go is reportedly launching in Europe and Asia 'within a few days'

Pokémon Go is reportedly launching in Europe and Asia 'within a few days'

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Pokémon Go is a mobile smash hit, but many would-be fans have been disappointed by the game's slow international release. The app launched in the US, Australia, and New Zealand last week, but its popularity took game-makers Niantic by surprise, and the company "paused" the title's rollout while its servers recovered. The wait should be over soon, though, with The Wall Street Journal reporting that Pokémon Go will launch Europe and Asia "within a few days." There's no official comment on this timeframe, with the WSJ citing "people familiar with plans for the game."

Users have been installing malware-infected clones in their keenness to play

Users in countries like the UK have been able to play Pokémon Go already, but only by skirting official channels. Android users can sideload the app directly onto their devices, while iPhone owners have been able to get their hands on the game by creating a new Apple ID that uses a US, Australian, or New Zealand region. Fans' keenness to play is having a damaging effect though, with various malware-infected clones of the app popping up on the web and infecting users' smartphones. Meanwhile, Nintendo itself is doing just fine from all the hype, with the company's stock price surging 25 percent in the last couple of days. Let's hope that enthusiasm will translate into better support for the game.

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