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Someone on Craigslist is selling a level 20 Pokémon Go account for $100

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Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Want to participate in the cultural moment that is Pokémon GoYou could read our how-to guide and dedicate dozens of hours and potentially tens of dollars to the hobby, gradually discovering its secrets, making new friends, and finding new favorite local spots in your jaunts across town. Or you could just buy a plush account off Craiglist.

For $100, an anonymous user claims to be selling a "Level 20+ Pokemon Go Account. 75+ caught types of pokemon, 9/9 Eggs, lots of items [with] 2000+ CP pokemon." Of course, that will read like nonsense to those who have’t already played the game. The target market here, it appears, is someone who’s enjoyed a bit of Pokémon Go, and yet is exhausted by the very thought of effort.

The buyer of this account, according to the listing, will also get a free Gmail account, created exclusively for these Pokémon Go credentials. Then again, maybe $100 is too high a cost for some interested parties. Maybe you'd prefer to contract this Craigslist user who will level up your account for roughly $20 per 10 levels.


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