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GTA Online is getting crazy new stunt races starting today

Plus a stunt creation tool is launching in August

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GTA Online

Good ol’ human ingenuity has led to all kinds of outlandish stunts being played out across GTA Online, and now developer Rockstar is helping things along by introducing a new set of features designed with stunts in mind. Called “Cunning Stunts,” the free update is available today, and it includes 16 all-new stunt races, which look to change up the game’s racing quite a bit by adding courses that range from a series of tubes that twist around a skyscraper to massive ramps that lead to absolutely ridiculous jumps. To go along with the new races, the update also adds 13 new cars to the game, including the fabulously named Vapid Trophy Truck.

Perhaps most exciting though, is the addition of a new tool called the “stunt race creator,” which will be available on August 2nd and lets users craft their own stunt races. You’ll be able to use objects like tubes, half-pipes, raised tracks, and animated props, and you can add things like speed boosts on the track and bonuses for players who are able to pull off specific stunts. You can even include things like giant soccer balls or bowling pins to make the races a bit more dynamic (and strange).

“Cunning Stunts” marks the 30th update for GTA V’s online spinoff, and is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One