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Lance Bass will host the first dating show with an all-gay cast

Lance Bass will host the first dating show with an all-gay cast

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Rachel Murray/Getty Images

Logo has just green-lit the first-ever reality dating TV show to feature a cast of all gay men, Variety reports. It's called Finding Prince Charming, and Lance Bass will host. The premise of the show sounds very similar to The Bachelor, (a show that has only ever portrayed heterosexual relationships): 13 men will live together in one house and compete to find love with a man Logo is calling "the nation’s most eligible gay heartthrob." One contestant will be eliminated each week.

As Variety points out, this is the first American reality dating show featuring an entirely gay cast. A short-lived, controversial 2003 Bravo reality show, Boy Meets Boy, had a gay man as its suitor, but the contestants were both gay and straight men. The suitor only learned near the end of the season that he had fallen in love with a straight man, according to The Guardian.

While it's surprising that it took so long for a show like this to get made, especially given the current appetite for televised dating competitions, it's exciting that Logo is finally taking the lead. Finding Prince Charming is set to premiere this fall.