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Pokémon Go may get turned into a movie by the studio behind The Dark Knight

Pokémon Go may get turned into a movie by the studio behind The Dark Knight

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You can't accuse Hollywood of not striking while the iron is hot: a Pokémon Go movie may soon be in the works. Deadline reports that Legendary Pictures — the company behind The Dark Knight trilogy, Godzilla, and Warcraft — is close to sewing up a deal for the live-action film rights for the newly invigorated gaming franchise.

Talks about the movie rights for Pokémon have been in progress for some time, with The Hollywood Reporter noting way back in April that an auction was underway. (Warner Bros. and Sony were both reportedly interested at the time, though Legendary was said to be in the lead even then.) Of course, the insane success of Pokémon Go has no doubt made studios that much more interested in the franchise, though Deadline's report is careful to note that an official deal has not been closed just yet — nor has there been any indication of what specific games a Pokémon movie would be drawing from.

The deal's not closed just yet

Legendary gained considerable attention when it helped shepherd Christopher Nolan's vision for Batman to the big screen, and has largely focused on franchise-style ideas, including Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim. But lately, it's owed success much more to international rather than US audiences. Warcraft tanked in the US, but did blockbuster business in China. Pacific Rim similarly underperformed at the domestic box office — only to earn a sequel thanks to big audiences in China and Japan.

The company's focus on international audiences was so strong that Legendary Entertainment was purchased by China's Wanda Group earlier this year for $3.5 billion. It's the kind of international infrastructure and support that could let a Legendary Pokémon film perform around the world — as long as they include Pikachu, of course.