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Google Hangouts on Android can now record and send video

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Finally catches up with iOS cousin that could do it in 2014

More than two years after it updated its iOS Hangouts app with the ability to record and send video, Google is bringing the feature to the Android version of the software. Hangouts users with Android phones will be soon be able to record and send up to a minute of footage from inside the app once the update arrives on their local Google Play Store.

Google first allowed iOS Hangouts users to record and send video in February 2014, albeit with a 10-second limit. That was upped to a full minute in March this year, but Android users were still left out, having to make do with updates like the ability to send stickers in Google Voice conversations. Google still seems to be making better apps for iPhone than for its own operating system, but the new update should at least make Hangouts more equal as Google pushes it live across various stores this week.