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Pokémon Go arrives in Europe with German launch

Pokémon Go arrives in Europe with German launch

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Pokémon Go originally launched in Australia and New Zealand last week before eventually arriving in the US. While the game has generated a massive following worldwide, it hasn't been officially available in Europe until today. Game developer Niantic Labs has experienced a variety of server issues, and has been actively limiting accounts and the worldwide availability of the game as a result. That's starting to change, albeit slowly, and Pokémon Go is launching in Germany today on both Android and iOS.

It signals a wider European launch expected over the coming days, and will allow pokémon trainers to start securing gyms and visiting pokéstops in Germany. Of course, many Pokémon Go players have already been playing across Europe by sideloading Android APKs or using a US iTunes account to obtain the game early. An official launch simply means more people can get actively involved in the latest cultural phenomenon, and swam around noteworthy buildings, public parks, and landmarks hunting wild pokémon. If you're not familiar with pokémon, or you need some tips and tricks then check out our helpful Pokémon Go guide right here.

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