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Supreme Court oral arguments in Samsung v. Apple set for October 11th

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Supreme Court 1 (Verge Stock)

The US Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Samsung Electronics v. Apple on October 11th, it announced this week as it posted its schedule for the October 2016 term. It was announced back in March that the court would hear the case.

The Supreme Court will be the last stop for this particular patent dispute, with justices deciding how damage awards should be applied to products that infringe a patent. In this case, they will be looking to answer whether an award of the infringer’s profits should be limited to those profits attributable only to the patented component or to the entire device. This appeal is a tiny part of the lower court’s decision — Apple and Samsung won’t be relitigating the entire case.

The case originally started in 2011, with Apple alleging that the South Korean tech giant had infringed on designs used in the iPhone. A court decided against Samsung, and subsequent appeals also affirmed in Apple's favor. Samsung has taken its case all the way to the Supreme Court.

After oral arguments are heard, the Supreme Court’s opinion should be handed down in December or January.