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Google's diverse emoji for women at work approved by Unicode Consortium

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Back in May, Google proposed 13 new emoji meant to better represent women in professional fields, and now 11 of those emoji have been approved by the Unicode Consortium. The new emoji, including a chef, a graduate, and a David Bowie-like rockstar, will be available in both male and female versions, with all skin tones. The two emoji not approved from Google's proposal appear to be an assembly line worker and a dentist.

In addition to the 11 new emoji (above) Unicode is also adding both male and female versions of 33 existing emoji, like the private eye and the weight lifter.


Google notes in blog post that the professional emoji for women were fairly limited before now, and included a bride and a princess, which are not actually career options. Now that the new emoji have been approved, they should be available in future versions of Android and on other Google platforms.