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These gorgeous Overwatch prints are available for just 24 hours

These gorgeous Overwatch prints are available for just 24 hours


From Firewatch artist Olly Moss

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Olly Moss, a graphic designer and illustrator and one of the artists for indie game Firewatch, has made a name for himself doing stylized and cherubic renderings of pop culture characters. He has them Giclée printed on high-quality 5 x 5-inch watercolor paper and sells them in limited time windows for a voracious community of fans. Now, Moss has gone ahead and released a set of six prints for the hugely popular Blizzard shooter Overwatch. They're available over at Moss' web store for 24 hours, with the clock ticking presumably from when Moss tweeted his store link at approximately 12PM ET on Thursday, July 14th.

According to his store, the "set is printed to fulfill the number of orders received within these 24 hours." So long as you place your order between now and tomorrow, you should get your requested prints within one to two months without worrying about the store selling out. Each one costs $13 and can be found under the "product" section of the site, with the whole set of six costing $55. Shipping varies, but Moss typically charges between $5 and $10.

Olly Moss' flash sales last for only 24 hours

The six Overwatch characters he chose are jetpack-wearing Pharah, icicle-shooting Mei, healer Mercy, offensive shotgunner Reaper, teleporting Tracer, and tire-wielding Junkrat. Each one wears an absolutely gleeful grin, save Reaper, who appears to be very sad because telling everyone to "die, die, die" won him no favors in social situations. Here's the individual prints, for posterity: