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Mastercard redesigns its iconic logo for the digital age

Mastercard redesigns its iconic logo for the digital age

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Gasp! Mastercard has gone and messed with one of the most iconic logos in corporate history and, shockingly, the new one isn’t absolutely terrible. Far from it, in fact, as the old payments processing giant has done a fine job of modernizing its signature interlocking circles and integrating them into a modern, cohesive brand identity that keeps the logo looking great even at small sizes on mobile screens.

A less obvious difference is the dropping of the camel case, so from here on out it’s going to be Mastercard or, as above, mastercard, and not MasterCard. Basically, the company’s casting off many of its aging facets and looking to start afresh, which is why it’s tied this identity redesign to the re-announcement of its Masterpass service.

Visa also redesigned its logo not too long ago, but that actually took away the one bit of visual intrigue it had and left us with a drab, dark blue wordmark that looked like it was devised by Facebook’s ultra-conservative brand artists. So yes, Mastercard totally, definitely, certainly wins on the logo redesign front against its biggest rival, and it has a pretty awesome, Ocean’s Eleven-style soundtrack to accompany it.

The new Mastercard brand identity goes into effect along with Masterpass later this month and will proliferate across the company's full range of services and experiences in the autumn.