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It’s Nintendo week on the Vergecast

It’s Nintendo week on the Vergecast


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This week on Vergecast, senior editor Chris Plante comes to town to join Paul, Nilay, and video director Miriam Nielsen to discuss the overwhelming response to topics reported on our site — namely Pokémon Go and Nintendo's new NES. They also go deeper into augmented reality and how Nintendo is dealing with their properties.

Paul once again brings us his weekly segment "Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks Review: Gadgets"

03:38 – Pokémon Go

16:59 – AR

33:40 – Nintendo

47:58 – Paul's "Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks Review: Gadgets"

In case you didn't know, we have a whole network of podcasts to listen to! You can find them all in iTunes, Google Play, and now Spotify. They include Ctrl-Walt-Delete with Walt Mossberg and Nilay Patel, which dives deep into tech; Verge ESP with Emily Yoshida and Liz Lopatto, which blurs the lines between science and entertainment; and What's Tech? with this week's guest Christopher Thomas Plante, which explains technology in layman's terms. You might also want to check out Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher, and Too Embarrassed to Ask featuring The Verge's Lauren Goode.