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The Huffington Post will broadcast 360-degree video from Republican and Democratic National Conventions

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Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

The Huffington Post will broadcast 360-degree video from the Republican and Democratic National conventions on Monday, its first major use of the technology after parent company AOL bought virtual reality studio RYOT earlier this year. Reporters and producers from the new HuffPost RYOT team formed after the purchase will be in Cleveland and Philadelphia, capturing the events with "immersive" 360-degree clips, supporting updates and breaking news.

While the Verizon-owned AOL is certainly not the only organization to have purchased VR and 360-degree video studios recently, this announcement is notable because of the speed that RYOT's technology was folded into the HuffPo organization, before being deployed in the field. AOL only bought RYOT this April, in a deal reportedly worth between $10 and $15 million, and planned to offer its capabilities to various AOL-owned properties in addition to the news site. Conversely, other large organizations that have purchased VR and 360-degree startups have seemed more unsure about how to use their investment, either integrating their staff with their teams, or keeping their projects secret.