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The Xbox One S is getting a gritty Gears of War 4 makeover

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Bundle available for preorder now for $449

Gears of War Xbox One S

The clean white Xbox One S is getting a new beaten-up look thanks to Gears of War 4. Today Microsoft announced a new special edition of its tiny console — first revealed back at E3 last month — which features a metallic red color scheme, laser-etched scratches, and what look like splashes of blood to give it a violent Gears of War 4 feel. It’s the first special edition of the Xbox One S.

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The console also features a 2TB hard drive, a similarly customized controller, and will come bundled with a download code for Gears of War 4, which launches on October 11th, as well as access to downloadable content like multiplayer maps. (The code will also give you access to the Windows 10 version of the game thanks to Microsoft’s new Xbox Play Anywhere initiative.) It’ll also be a bit more expensive than the base Xbox One S, which costs $299 — the Gears of War bundle will run you $449, and will be available “for a limited time while supplies last.” Controllers will be available separately for $74.99 on September 13th.

It doesn’t look quite as nice as the custom Gears Xbox Elite controller, but you can preorder the new console right now.