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Here's a clear look at Game of Thrones' grossest zombie man: Robert Strong

Here's a clear look at Game of Thrones' grossest zombie man: Robert Strong

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Helen Sloan / HBO

Robert Strong, the undead version of Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane, has generally been depicted on Game of Thrones as a purple lump with an ill-fitting helmet hiding his face. In this year's season finale, he removed the mask to terrorize Septa Unella — but we still didn't get a good look at his reconstructed mug.

We could assume it was real messed up for a few reasons: 1) his eyes were visible, and looked like mottled grapes 2) The Mountain died from poison, which in our previous Game of Thrones experience, makes people look disgusting 3) Qyburn, the disgraced Maester who did the magic that brought The Mountain back from the dead, is a total freak.

Anyway, we were right. Robert Strong actor Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson confirmed our suspicions with this tweet:

I have only one piece of advice for Hafþór, and that is "Neutrogena Ultra Hydrating Gentle Cleanser!" If the above wasn't enough, here is an Instagram he posted recently:

Who am I ? #TakenAYearAgo #MakeUpDoesntMakeMePrettier #JustNaturalIsTheBestWayToGo

A photo posted by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (@thorbjornsson) on

Just for reference, here is what the show's other season six resurrected zombie man looks like:

jon snow

Shout-out to The Verge's editorial coordinator Sarah Smithers, who follows literally every one of Game of Thrones' 9,842 cast members on social media and is solely responsible for finding these day-brightening gems.

I honestly can't believe Game of Thrones is over for the year. I am a shell of my former self without this high art in my life on a weekly basis! How are you guys doing? Is it going okay? Are you using a gentle moisturizer? Because you really do need to take care of your skin in the summer.

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