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Andy Samberg is making a follow-up to tennis mockumentary 7 Days in Hell

Andy Samberg and Murray Miller (executive producer of Girls) are working on a follow-up to last summer's incredibly odd tennis movie 7 Days in HellVariety reports. The mockumentary starred Samberg and Game of Thrones's Kit Harington as a mullet-ed pervert and an affectless wimp with a bowl cut, respectively. The cast was made up of a mix of comedians playing sports enthusiasts / weirdos and professional athletes playing themselves, but as crazy people. It was great.

hamilton's daveed diggs will be featured

The new special, called Tour de Pharmacy, will focus on steroid use in professional bike racing. Like 7 Days in Hell, it will be directed by Jake Szymanski, and like 7 Days in Hell it will feature a cast with big names from the worlds of comedy, sports, and theatre.

Most notably, it will be the first major film role for Daveed Diggs, who leaves his Tony-winning role as Thomas Jefferson / Marquis de Lafayette in Hamilton today. John Cena, Will Forte, Julia Ormond, and Nathan Fielder will also make appearances.