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This cat is in too deep

This cat is in too deep

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Hank the Cat always had promise. Born in a refrigerator box, his family didn’t have money but they had morals and respect. His mother was a house cat. His father, he was also a house cat.

They led an ordinary life structured by rules, and Hank found a passion for the law. On his fifth birthday, he joined the force. From the top of his cadet class he climbed quickly, earning detective within the year.

Still, Sergeant was reluctant to put him undercover. He was young and untested, but Hank’s credentials and motivation were hard to refute. That’s how he got assigned to the Chicken Coup Gang, a band of adorable mobsters with their hands in a racketeering arrangement spanning most of downtown.

The last time anyone saw Hank was the day he went undercover. He was dressed as a very large chicken. Now look at him.

The force is concerned. This doesn’t look like a cat out to protect and serve, to make a safe place for kittens to grow. This looks like a cat that’s playing both sides, who doesn't know right from wrong, up from down, cop from criminal.

Hank, you’re getting pulled from the case. A shame, I know. It’s always the ones with promise.