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People are stopping and getting out of their cars to catch Vaporeon

People are stopping and getting out of their cars to catch Vaporeon


A super-rare pokémon is a huge draw

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What happens when you live in a heavily populated area, play Pokémon Go, and come across a rare pokémon? Chances are, you’re going to be in good company before too long. Pokémon mobs are becoming pretty common in major cities, and they look nuts.

Heavily trafficked public locations are a sure bet to find other players, such as New York City’s Central Park where there was a literal stampede when a Vaporeon showed up: people ran and jumped from their cars to capture the creature:

The park appears to be pretty busy:

This isn’t an isolated event, either: massive crowds have been popping up at places such as the Boston Common; Provo City Library in Utah; in Des Moines, Iowa; in Bellevue, Washington; and Altamonte Springs, Florida. If there’s one huge benefit to this game? It’s getting people out and about into local parks and landmarks.

In some cases, however, the crowds aren’t always welcome: a group playing the game was asked to leave by security at an undisclosed mall. While some businesses have welcomed the crowds of people into stores, huge groups of people can certainly become unwieldy for employees. Not to mention dangerous places like nuclear power plants or electrical substations.

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