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Cat skateboards past loser dogs

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Boomer is a Bengal cat who lives in Australia with an owner who is apparently pretty good with a GoPro. He has time for a lot of things, like skimboarding, relaxing by the ocean with his best friend, Didga, and enjoying his local swing set. One thing he doesn't have time for is random dogs, and therefore he skateboards right past them without a glance.

cat  skateboard

This isn't to say that Boomer never has time for dogs. He likes them fine when they're serving as necessary props for his gymnastics routines.

His pal Didga, who is also a prolific stunt kitty, prefers to use dogs as pool rafts.

It's so nice to see dogs acknowledging the grandeur of cats, and serving them appropriately.


I would like to nominate these cat friends as the stars of a new Charlie's Angels reboot. We can all learn a little something from their moxy, hand-eye coordination, and je ne sais quoi. Also they wouldn't require nearly as many stunt doubles as Lucy Liu.