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    The Mr. Robot Digital After Show hosted by The Verge starts this week!

    Live from Verge HQ

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    We’re very pleased to announce that we’ll be hosting the official Mr. Robot Digital After Show every week, in partnership with USA Network. Every week after the show, Emily Yoshida, Russell Brandom, and I will be breaking down the episode, looking at the tech and hacks involved, talking to guests from the cast and crew, and taking questions and feedback from fans on Twitter and (of course) our very own Mr. Robot IRC channel.

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    What is Mr. Robot? It’s the groundbreaking USA show about sophisticated hackers working to bring down a corrupt corporation in a dystopian America that’s a little too close to reality — in fact, most of the technology and hacks portrayed on the show are real, and the show has mirrored real-world events all too closely in the past. But it’s more than that; there are also incredibly complex characters doing strange things all over the place. In other words, it’s a perfect match for The Verge. You can read more about the second season and creator Sam Esmail in our feature from earlier this month.

    If you were a fan of the video Vergecast, think of this as a 25-minute riff on that show, focused on Mr. Robot, with a nicer set and fancy graphics. It’s going to be really fun.

    A 25-minute riff on the Vergecast, focused on Mr. Robot

    The after show itself will be easy to find — we’ll have a post each week with stream links, and USA will be promoting the show during each episode of Mr. Robot, so you won’t be able to miss it.

    This is where I disclose that USA Network is owned by NBC Universal, which owns a minority stake in Vox Media, which owns The Verge (got it?), but our show is editorially independent, just like everything else Verge editorial staff makes. USA really did want us to extend the vibe and spirit of The Vergecast, which is crazy and wonderful. And extremely trusting.

    So! Get caught up on Mr. Robot, watch episode two this Wednesday night at 10PM ET, and join us right after for the first episode of the Mr. Robot Digital After Show hosted by The Verge. Please do not hack us.