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Nintendo has doubled in value since Pokémon Go’s release

Nintendo has doubled in value since Pokémon Go’s release

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For a game that isn’t even technically a Nintendo property, Pokémon Go is having quite the healthy impact on the Japanese company’s finances. Ever since the launch of Pokémon Go earlier this month, Nintendo’s market capitalization has more than doubled, ending Tuesday trading at a fantastic $42.5 billion. Such has been the appetite for Nintendo stock, in fact, that on Friday it broke the single-day trading record in Tokyo this century, with $4.5 billion of stock changing hands.

Eurogamer has a nice breakdown of why investors are buying up Nintendo in spite of it standing to benefit from Pokémon Go only indirectly. The Japanese gaming giant has another feather in its cap with the recent announcement of a mini NES that was received with absolute joy and adulation. Basically, Nintendo can do no wrong right now, and since stock markets are all about perception, its share price keeps climbing as a result. The latest uptick in Nintendo’s market cap also sees it bypass Sony — all of Sony, which has a market cap closer to $40 billion — which is a position it’s not enjoyed since way back in 2014.

Nintendo is not alone in feeling the benefits of Pokémon Go’s imperious rise. McDonald’s has started selling Pokémon-themed Happy Meals in Japan, which has promptly led to a bump in sales and a corresponding increase in its stock price as well. Where pokémon go, money follows.